Satisfied Owners- Royal Tiger Kennels
Joe and Lisa, Hollywood, CA - Owners of Royal Tiger Kennels "Primo"
We want to thank Royal Tiger Kennels for our latest addition to the family! Primo is an amazing dog! Before I rant about how great the puppy is, I want to state how Royal Tiger Kennels are professional and clean. The establishment made for the puppies is ingenious. It was very hard to pick just one of the puppies. They were all clean, happy and healthy puppies! We have had dogs before, but getting Primo was a blessing. Royal Tiger Kennels worked so well with all the puppies before they were ready for their new homes. It was very easy to train Primo to go to the bathroom outside. There is not one instance where we have taken Primo out and someone didn't say how beautiful he is.

Joe and Lisa

Jorge and Melanie, San Diego, CA - Owners of Royal Tiger Kennels "Lola"
We would like to take a brief moment to express how happy we are with Lola. She has gotten along very well with Cain and our entire family. She is growing rapidly and is very very fast for her age. I can't wait to see how she does with a harness and sled. It was great to know how detailed you were with all your breeding information and pedigree. We will keep in touch so you guys can track her growth and progress.

On a side note I want to thank the both of you for inviting us to your home and making us feel as we had known each other for years. Hard to meet a person let alone a family like that now a days. Thank you.

Jorge and Melanie

If like these owners, you are interested in providing a loving home for the future of the
Pit Bull Breed- contact us!

Matt (626) 476-1847 or

American Pit Bull terriers–have descended from many strains and lineages. Our dogs have been selected for Friendliness, conformation, athleticism, trainability, and dedication to their families OUR dogs are unique…..

We are experienced breeders with more than 18 years of owning Pit bulls.

We have decided to start with the best bloodline in the world to improve the Pit Bull breed by fighting the stigma that plagues so many of these wonderful dogs

We are striving to create a new “Royal tiger” lineage with the knowledge and support of our fellow breeders, our veterinarians, and everyone who meets our dogs and asks if they can own a dog as amazing as ours.

Thanks again to 909 pits owner-Richard, and Bluefawn kennels owner- Gene . Logan and Molly have given our family a life of love, respect, loyalty, and so much happiness!

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