ROYAL  TIGER KENNELS- First Generation 2nd litter

Molly gave birth to her second litter on 11-21-12:

We  are currently accepting $500 deposits only.

Puppies will be available at 10 weeks to ensure their health.

Pick 1 Male "Midnight Pather": Sold - $3500              
Pick 2 Male "Silver Surfer": Sold - $3000        
3rd Male "YesMan": $1500                                     
4th Male "Royal Titan II": Sold - $2500
5th Male "Blue Tiger II": Sold - $2500
6th Male "Blue Boy": Sold - $2500
Pick Female "Golden Girl": $1000
2rd Female "Blue Girl": Sold - $2500
3nd Female "Rosy": Sold - $2000

We accept credit cards, PayPal, and payment plans.  Our dogs are worth our effort to find them the right homes, and anyone looking to purchase our dogs we will work with them to find a solution.

These puppies are 100% stunning with unique coats and their enormous size.  Huge bone structure and rapid muscular development!

Midnight Panther, the pick male, was 3 lbs at 1 week of Age, and is now 20 lbs at 7 weeks old!


Every new owner of our puppies gets a free RTK T-shirt!
Custom designed for all our loyal supporters and friends that recognize how special ROYAL TIGER KENNELS dogs really are, and want to help promote what we are doing for the breed.

You can also purchase one for $25 plus S&H.

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