Royal Tiger Kennels is proud to announce that our first litter has produced two top of the class show dogs.  RTK’s “Royal Titan” is our 1st pick male from Logan and Molly’s first litter last year.  RTK’s “Blue Tiger" was our 2nd pick male from the same litter.  Titan and Blue took 1st and 2nd place respectively at the Atomic Dogg Magazine Super Bully Show, for Standard APBT’s under 1 year of age. This National  Show was hosted in Costa Mesa and very well attended.  We even got a shot in the magazine so check us out in issue 21. We will maintain that our dogs were the top ranked APBT’s on the whole West Coast as this was a West Coast show, although there were attendees from all over the country.

Titan and Blue have placed several times in other shows but we were more than honored to take the biggest show of the year for our pups.  

They definitely earned their ribeye steaks that 

It is clear that we aren’t biased when we say that our puppies are outstanding and unique.  They are also more of a Standard or “Old World” Pit Bulls that have been bread to be healthy and not oversized or with misshapen legs as we have witnessed the trend at some shows. Please look for us at future shows on the West Coast.

Royal Tiger Kennels "Royal Titan"


Royal Tiger Kennel's "Blue Tiger"

Beginning of  10K AIDS WALK Los Angeles       End of AIDS WALK!!! We made it....


RTK’S 1st litter=

(RTK’s Logan) X (RTK's Molly)

Pick Male: RtK's “Royal Titan"
Second Male: RtK's "Bug" aka "ALbert Einstein"
Third Male: RtK's "Zeus" aka “Blue Thunder”

Fourth Male:  RtK's “Blue tiger"
Fifth Male:
RtK's “Primo" 

Sixth Male: RtK's “Masky” AKA (He has a new name)

Seventh Male: RtK's “DAS”

Pick feMale:  RtK's “Bambi" 

-Now owned by and the future of Blue Fawn Kennels-
Second FeMale:
RtK's “Lola" 
Third FeMale: RtK's “Chocolate" 

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