Royal Tiger kENNELS "Logan"
our foundation Male
DOB: 10/10/2009
Bloodline: RBG-royal Blue Generation
Weight: 90 lbs.
Head diameter: 24"
Sire: 909 PIts "Hummer"
Dam: 909 Pits "Kali"

Logan is the ideal dog for us, and any owner. He is dedicated to spending as much time as possible with his family, and willing to greet everyone with a wagging tail and eager hug.  He is not a "vicious guard dog" as many would think he appears to be.  He is an amazing family pet that befriends any and all people and dogs that he meets. 

BTW- cats and squirrels beware!!!!

He Was the pick of his litter and bred out of 909 Pits "Hummer" .  Hummer is A massive and cut stud that has put many challenging males to shame in the show and weight-pulling circuit.  Logan's brindle coloration comes from Hummer's Sire- Jarhead Pit's Diesel II.  Check these kennels out.  They have created some of the most respected and amazing dogs in the country.

Logan is the most obedient and loving dog i have ever owned.  He is friendly with everyone, including other dogs and loves to play with his labrador retriever brothers when they come over and visit.

Logan with his sire- 909 pits "hummer" part of the RBG line... Son of Diesel II

Logan's dame- Kali... such a sweet girl!

Royal Tiger's Molly our foundation FEMale

Royal TIger's "Molly"
DOB: 3/1/2010
Weight: 85 lbs.
Head Diameter: 21"
Sire: Bluefawn-Kennels "TorQue"
Dam: Bluefawn-kennels "Dolce"

This picture is molly at 5 months.

Molly and Logan have been inseparable from the first time we brought molly home.

Molly is Amazing. She was bred by bluefawn kennels. her blood line is most accurately described as the super athlete breed. Her Sire "Torque", and her father's sire "Goliath"-(So cal pits)hold several pound for pound strength records in regional weight pulling competitions.

These dogs have a drive, dedication, and eagerness to please that I had never witnessed in my life until I found Bluefawn kennels and Molly!

Royal tiger's Molly - is bluefawn kennel's -Female pick of the litter from their March 2009 brood.

Logan was so lonely we had to find him a match. We searched for months before we found the right female for logan a girl worth establishing our blood line. We searched and visited eight different breeders all over the west coast. When we first saw her, we knew we didn't have to look any further.

Our logan and Molly are now connected at the hip. They wrestle and chase each other all day while we are at work and neither dog has become territorial at all. They share everything, including our time with them when we are home.
Molly was very easy to house train and has become a great listener. She has rapidly become one of our favorite parts of our lives and has really become an amazing family dog. 
We get complimented on her everywhere we go and people always want to know why she has such gorgeous blond coat. She loves the attention, and will lick anybody’s hands off.

There isn’t any question that she has come from some very strong and athletic bloodlines. Molly is the unequivocal, strong-willed and determined Pit Bull. She is ever-willing to please. In my 18 years of Pit bull ownership I must admit that Molly’s drive is unparalleled.

For example, we often take her to the dog park in Huntington Beach and we have the large Jolly Ball toy. I throw it in the surf and Logan usually brings it back or lets the waves wash it on shore before he brings it to me. Molly was very hesitant for the first couple of times, but after watching Logan and I from the beach for long enough she became obsessed.
She will now fight the surf and currents all the way out, maybe fifty yards, to retrieve the big floating ball. and drag it all the way back without ever letting go. You should see the crowd of people that come to witness her amazing ability and drive. I can’t wait to get her pulling sleds and competing in the near future. She is beautiful and her muscle tone is also unparalleled for her age.

This is the Bloodline you NEED to own. Temperament, Agility, Strength, Loyalty, Drive, and Beauty. What more could you ask for when considering adding to your family?

Molly Loves getting bench pressed by her dad

Molly is the best mother we have ever seen... SHe is extremely diligent in ensuring that her pups are fed and clean and she is very cautious, but not aggressive towards our other dogs when they are curious to meet her new babies. Just Awesome!!!!!!!!

 Molly with her new litter - born 11-21-2012

Torque won the pound for pound title! 4600 plus lbs!

Each steel beem weighs 120 lbs...

Molly's Sire 'Torque" in a warm up session before a big pull at the UKC Show, Charger stadium- san diego, CA

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